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Common Name: DL Panthenol FCC/USP
INCI Name: Panthenol (Vitamin B5)

Certificates: Ecocert and Cosmos approved, Prop 65 free, non-GMO
Characteristics: White crystalline powder; no odor
CAS#: 16485-10-2
EINECS#: 240-540-6
Suggested Use Level: 1 – 5%
Solubility: Water soluble
Optimum pH Range:
Ingredient Composition: 100% Panthenol
Melting Point: 64.5-69°C
Flash Point: n/a
Boiling Point: n/a
Vegan: Yes
Gluten Free: Yes
Allergen: None known
Food Grade: No

DL-Panthenol, also known as ProVitamin B5, is an excellent addition to any skincare or hair care formula. Panthenol works as a conditioning agent, restoring shine and luster to skin and hair. Panthenol also helps to increase the strength of hair and skin. Panthenol is also an anti-oxidant, helping to protect skin and hair from aging.

DL-Panthenol is a white powder that you can add to your water phase of your formulations. DL-Panthenol is made of a mixture of 50% D-panthenol and 50% L-panthenol. D-Panthenol is covered in the skin to pantothenic acid (Vitamin B5). Vitamin B5 helps to boost cell production, making it an excellent ingredient for damaged skin and hair products.

Suggested Applications:

  • Skin Care: Moisturizers for sensitive skin, cleansing masks, facial wash
  • Hair Care: Shampoo, conditioner, styling products, hair treatments
  • Color Cosmetics: Make-up bases

Formulating Guidelines: Add in 1-5% of total formula weight into water; slightly heat to dissolve.

Dl-Panthenol is sold in ½-pound, 1-pound, 5-pound and 40-pound sizes. Orders over 250 pounds please email us directly at

Shelf Life: 36 months from date of manufacture, provided the ingredient is stored under proper conditions and not exposed to extreme temperatures or moisture.

Storage Conditions: Store under dry, ambient conditions in tightly closed containers away from light. Avoid bacterial contamination.

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