24 March 2020

SLS Noodles are a highly active foaming agent that can be used in foaming bath salts, foaming bath bombs, shampoos, liquid soaps, dish soap powders, carpet cleaners, and powdered cleansers and more. SLS noodles are vegetable derived, 1,4 Dioxane free, preservative free, highly active, excellent emulsification properties, high foaming, and low dusting. 


24 March 2020

With a rich history in Asia where it has been used for over 2,000 years in religious ceremonies and to make perfumes, Citronella oil is an essential ingredient in a host of products. Acquiring its name from the French word meaning “lemon balm,” Citronella is made from the distillation of the Cymbopogon genus grass plant, a close cousin to Lemongrass. It emits a floral, citrus-like aroma that has an uplifting quality. Widely used in insect-repelling candles, Citronella can also be used in soaps, lotions, sprays, and incense. It also blends quite well with other essential oils like LemonBergamotCedarwoodEucalyptusTea TreeLavenderPine and many more.


24 March 2020

Welcome to the world of immense hydration without the greasy feeling! Olive oil squalane is a fantastic humectant that closely matches skin’s natural squalene, providing excellent moisture and ingredient penetration. Think about using olive oil squalane in your facial serums, facial oils, moisturizers, beard oils, hair oils, body oils, facial moisture bars, lotion bars, whipped body butters and more.


24 March 2020

Wintergreen essential oil is derived through the leaves of the plant. The process is fermenting the actual plant then steam distilling to obtain a pure essential oil. The benefits of wintergreen are derived from the methyl salicylate, which makes up almost 100% of wintergreen essential oils.


24 March 2020

Shay and Company is thrilled to now offer Roman Chamomile essential oil. Steam distilled from the flowers of the Chamomile plant, Roman Chamomile essential oil has a sweet and fruity aroma akin to apples. Directly after distillation it can have a deep blue or green color, but it turns a dark yellow after storage. While predominately used in herbal tea, Chamomile has a copious amount of other uses for the mind and body. It is globally known as one of the most ancient medicinal herbs having been used by budding societies for centuries. It has even earned the nickname “plant’s physician” because of its positive effects on surrounding plant life. Roman Chamomile is not to be confused with German Chamomile. While both share similar qualities, Roman Chamomile is the gentler of the two, and has a larger variety of uses. 


20 February 2020

Bentonite clay is a natural detoxifier. You can add bentonite to any face mask, body wrap, foot treatment, soap bar, hair mask, acne spot treatment, or body scrub. Bentonite clay is a dark tan color and will darken slightly when added to your products.

Cosmetic Grind Pumice

14 February 2020

Scrub, scrub, scrub your way to smoother skin

USA Organic Yellow Beeswax

14 February 2020

We value where our ingredients come from and we are constantly searching for USA sourced ingredients where we can. Not all plants are grown in the US so we cannot carry USA sourced in everything, but we did find an excellent source of organic yellow beeswax that is USA sourced! Most organic beeswax out there comes from China, and we wanted to upgrade our organic beeswax.

Tart Wax is Here!

11 February 2020

Golden Wax 494- Golden Wax 494 is 100% partially hydrogenated soy wax flakes specifically meant to be used in melts and tarts! If you’re looking to expand your product line but not looking to have traditional candles, this wax is your key! This wax CANNOT be used with a wick so you cannot interchange this with container wax. You can only use this to make melts or tarts. Golden Wax 494 is in flake form and is sold in 1-pound, 5-pound and 50-pound cases.

Ginger Root Essential Oil

11 February 2020

Ginger Root essential oil is a spicy, warm scent that is a great addition to any fall product or any healing salve or oil. Ginger has high levels of warming and can enhance a scent blend but is generally not used just on its own. Think of mixing sweet orange, coffee and ginger, or doing a blend of ginger and lime.

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