Cosmetic Grind Pumice

14 February 2020

Scrub, scrub, scrub your way to smoother skin

USA Organic Yellow Beeswax

14 February 2020

We value where our ingredients come from and we are constantly searching for USA sourced ingredients where we can. Not all plants are grown in the US so we cannot carry USA sourced in everything, but we did find an excellent source of organic yellow beeswax that is USA sourced! Most organic beeswax out there comes from China, and we wanted to upgrade our organic beeswax.

Tart Wax is Here!

11 February 2020

Golden Wax 494- Golden Wax 494 is 100% partially hydrogenated soy wax flakes specifically meant to be used in melts and tarts! If you’re looking to expand your product line but not looking to have traditional candles, this wax is your key! This wax CANNOT be used with a wick so you cannot interchange this with container wax. You can only use this to make melts or tarts. Golden Wax 494 is in flake form and is sold in 1-pound, 5-pound and 50-pound cases.

Ginger Root Essential Oil

11 February 2020

Ginger Root essential oil is a spicy, warm scent that is a great addition to any fall product or any healing salve or oil. Ginger has high levels of warming and can enhance a scent blend but is generally not used just on its own. Think of mixing sweet orange, coffee and ginger, or doing a blend of ginger and lime.

Blue Tansy Essential Oil

11 February 2020

We are excited to now offer the multifaceted Blue Tansy essential oil. Despite its blue color, Blue Tansy is extracted from the yellow North African Moroccan chamomile flower from a steam distillation process. The terpenes in the leaves and stem of the flower turn the oil it’s vibrant, cobalt blue tint. Due to its blue color and its potential to stain skin and other surfaces, it is recommended that Blue Tansy be used sparingly. With Blue Tansy’s sweet, citrus fragrance, aromatherapy, anti-inflammatory, anti-histamine, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial properties, it is a fantastic addition to an immense array of products.

MCT vs Fractionated Coconut Oil

04 October 2019

MCT Oil- the new oil for everything!

Fractioned coconut oil is also known as MCT oil. This is a liquid version of coconut oil, and is very commonly used in natural based lotions, creams, butters, soaps, CBD and THC tinctures, extracts, and edibles. Fractionated coconut oil is colorless and odorless. It is composed of medium chain triglycerides. There is no physical differences between any of our three versions of MCT, it all just depends on if you want organic and if you care that one is pure coconut or one is a palm/coconut blend.

C1 is Back!

04 October 2019

Due to popular demand we have brought back C1 candle wax. 

C1 Nature Wax- C1 Nature Wax is a soy and RSPO palm blend, making this base slightly harder than the C3 100% soy wax. You can use this wax to create container candles or wax melts. C1 comes in flake form,  is very easy to work with, is white in color, works with either of the wicks we carry, and works well with just about any fragrance and all essential oils that are applicable for candles (not all essential oils burn for candles so always make sure to do a test burn first).

Let's Travel to Tahiti

29 July 2019
There are not words to explain how beautiful monoi butter/oil is.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate

29 July 2019

SLSA is your go-to powder surfactant for bath bombs, shampoo bars, bath melts, cleansing creams, and foaming bath salts.


18 June 2019

Do you love the smell of sandalwood but hate the price of sandalwood? We have the answer for you.

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