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Welcome to the New Products for Shay and Company! We are constantly striving to bring in new and update product profiles for you. If you have any products/ingredients that you are specifically looking for, please email us at and we will see what we can do about bringing those in.

Watch this page as it seems we are adding things every week.

Watermelon All Natural Flavor

SKU: 99364-5

In stock


Strawberry All Natural Flavor

SKU: 99364-6

In stock


Espresso All Natural Flavor

SKU: 99364-9

In stock


Cherry All Natural Flavor

SKU: 99364-7

In stock


Poppy Seeds, Blue, Organic

SKU: 99330

In stock


Wakame Bioferment Advanced

SKU: 99281

In stock


Watercress Extract

SKU: 99339

In stock