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Yuzu Essential Oil

Extraction Method: Cold Process
Plant Part: Peel
Country of Origin: Japan
INCI Name: Citrus Junos (Yuzu Essential Oil)

Flash Point: 45°C
100% Pure, no dilutants or carriers added
Not tested on animals
Irradiation free
Clear liquid; colorless
Aroma: Citrus peel, sweet, floral

Benefits: calming, uplifting, anti-inflammatory, boosts circulation, enhances respiration, calms nausea,

Yuzu essential oil is that citrus essential oil you may never have experienced, but you will LOVE at first sniff. Bright, clear, sweet, smooth with hints of orange, lemon, grapefruit, mandarin and lime all in one essential oil. Yuzu essential oil will make a great addition to your citrus soaps and skincare products.

The yuzu fruit hails from China and Japan, with many traditional cleansing ceremonies around the use of the yuzu fruit and oil. Historically in Japan yuzu is used at Winter Solstice to help set up a healthier new year.

Yuzu essential oil contains 68-80% d’limonene, which gives it the anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and immune support benefits. Limonene has been studied for its benefits in both anti-cancer and health heart disease fighting abilities. Limonene is found in citrus fruits and yuzu essential oil has a very high level.

One of the best ways to get the mood and aromatherapy benefits of yuzu essential oil is through diffuser blends or through roll-on oils. Yuzu is one of the more expensive citrus oils, because it is a smaller crop that oranges and because it has such an effective oil, so blending it with other citruses is an excellent way to reap the rewards without having to deal with the higher costs. Yuzu oil blends well with any citrus (bergamot essential oil, lemon essential oil, sweet orange essential oil, lime essential oil, tangerine essential oil, pink grapefruit essential oil), and tree oils like juniper essential oil, cypress essential oil, rosemary essential oil, lavender essential oil, lemongrass essential oil and litesa essential oil. Or just splurge and create a pure yuzu essential oil soap bar, shampoo bar, conditioner bar, or more. You will love it!

Roll-on and solid perfumes are a wonderful way to get the benefits of yuzu essential oil. Roll-on oils can be made just using a single carrier oil like organic jojoba oil or organic grape seed. Solid perfumes can be made using organic babassu oil, organic castor oil, organic beeswax and then adding in your essential oil blend. An excellent changeup for this one would be using our orange wax in your solid perfume. The benefits of orange wax along with a beautiful blend of citrus essential oils would be lovely!

Based on the Japanese tradition of bathing with yuzu, making shower steamers, bath bombs or magnesium soaks incorporating yuzu essential oil would be an excellent way to cleanse and continue the tradition.

Yuzu essential oil also blends very well with peppermint, spearmint or wintergreen, sweet basil, bergamot, roman chamomile, organic buena vista lavender, clary sage, ginger root, holy basil, monoi, palmarosa, rose geranium, and ylang.

Essential oils are sold in 0.5-ounce amber glass, 1-ounce amber glass with dropper, 4-ounce amber glass, 8-ounce amber glass, 16-ounce amber glass, 5-pound and 10-pound sizes. For 25-pounds or larger, please email us at

Do not apply directly to skin. Most essential oils are not designed to be applied directly, rather they are designed to be mixed with a carrier oil such as our organic sunflower or organic jojoba oils.  Always perform a small patch test when applying to skin.

Do not take internally unless you are licensed to apply them as such.

This information is for reference only. These recommendations have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not meant to treat, cure or remedy any diseases.

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