Tuesday Tidbits

Stepping up the hair care game!

We have been busy brining in tons of new ingredients this year and hair care has been a focus point. We have several new goodies for you to experiment with to boost the effectiveness of your shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, scalp treatments…you name it.

Keep in mind that many of these ingredients can also have excellent skin benefits so don’t just allocate them to hair care.

New Ones:

AHA Fruit Enzyme Blend– did you know that alpha hydroxy acids are for more than just your face?!?! AHA’s help to cleanse scalp buildup and they help to make healthier locks by boosting hydration.

Organic Amla Oil– the holy grail of middle eastern hair care formulas, this oil does not disappoint! Use this in hair care but also use this in your face and body products. Seriously, put this on everything! I added some to the blend of cupuacu and organic mango butter cream I made and it is truly fabulous. This is such a great ingredient it can be bottled as is and sold just on its own. No need to dilute if you don’t want to.

Organic Borage Seed Oil with 20% GLA– another rad ingredient for hair and skin, and a boosting ingredient for soap bars. Organic Borage Seed Oil creates great lather and has a massive does of fatty acids, ideal for skin and hair. Add this to your shampoo bars, body bars, hair oils, facial oils….it is a lovely oil.

Colloidal Oats– this particular version is a liquid extraction of all things good from oatmeal. No need to grind down oats and then dilute them, this one is ready to go. Colloidal Oats has hair and skin benefits, so consider adding this into both product lines.

Decyl Glucoside– a mild, naturally derived liquid surfactant specifically balanced for hair care formulas. If you’re making your own liquid shampoo, or if you’re adding foaming agents to your shampoo bars, Decyl Glucoside is your new best friend.

Foaming Oats– yes, more oatmeal goodies! Foaming Oats is one of the many hydrolyzed proteins that are ready for use, no chemistry needed. Foaming Oats is ideal for both hair and skin, contributing the same benefits when used in both product lines. Foaming Oats not only increases foaming action, it also is conditioning, increases elasticity, reduces frizz, improves skin firmness and makes hair softer.

Honey Quat-many of you have asked about a variety of different quats for hair care and I wanted to make sure to provide you with one that is natural and effective. Honey Quat fit both of those parameters. Many quaternized products for hair care are full of synthetic chemicals and petrochemicals, which we just don’t supply. Honey Quat helps to boost shine, decrease frizz, is moisturizing and conditioning.

Virgin, Cold Pressed Mafura Seed Oil– many of you may have never heard of this oil but you should get to know it. High in naturally fatty acids, Mafura Seed Oil is an excellent addition to both hair and skin. This oil is a natural conditioning agent, so boost those conditioners with some Mafura.

Quaternized Lemon Shine– here you go, another natural quat! Lemon Shine is a superb natural hair care ingredient; it works to massive increase hair shine, decrease fizz and boost conditioning.

Check out the Hair Care category on our website as we have many on there. Please know, though, if I haven’t specifically tagged a natural oil in the hair section and you love that specific oil for hair, it i just because I didn’t get to it yet. Email me if I am missing some and I’ll add them in. Our website is constantly evolving and I am updating products daily.

Here are a few more favorites that aren’t “new” to us, but are super fantastic for hair:

Organic Argan Oil– yep, the tried and true hair care oil. Ours is non-deodorized so it has that lovely, nutty aroma.

Organic, Cold Pressed Broccoli Seed Oil– this is nature’s silicone alternative. Use Organic Broccoli Seed Oil in allllll your products; lip, hair, skin, eye….silky smooth and not-oily, this ingredient is a dream.

Castor Seed Oil– we carry both organic and conventional. Excellent for thick, foamy bubbles, and super hydrating for damaged hair.

Shampoo and Conditioner Melt and Pour bases- pre-made bases so you can just add your special ingredients and go.

Daikon Seed Extract-this ingredient is one of my favorite finds. Truly amazing for hair and skin, this is an Oregon grown extract with so many benefits.

dl-Panthenol– that B powered vitamin for hair and skin! Yes, this is an easy addition to everything good for hair and skin.

Horsetail Butter– this a pre-hydrogenated vegetable oil base that has has horsetail (natural silica) infused into it. Silica is a building block for hair and skin. Incorporate Horsetail Butter into conditioner bars, masks, leave in treatments and skincare formulas.

Hydrolyzed Hemp Protein and Hydrolyzed Rice Protein– two ready to use proteins for hair care. Tested and proven to make healthier hair.

IBT 25 and IBT 50– these are our version of BTMS. Works the exact same, but such a better price point! Tell all your friends.

SCS Needles– a favorite for shampoo bars, these are a mild, natural foaming agent.

Okay, there’s a ton more on the website so go explore and get creative!

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