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Magnolia Essential Oil!

Extraction Method: Steam Distilled
Plant Part: Flower
Country of Origin: China
INCI Name: Magnolia Alba

Flash Point: 87°C/188.6°F
Boiling Point: 200°C/392°F
100% Pure, no dilutants or carriers added
Not tested on animals
Irradiation free
Color: Yellow orange to dark orange/brown
Aroma: Floral and fruity

Benefits: Relaxation, stress reliever, anti-anxiety, anti-depressant, improves memory function, helps open airway

There are so many benefits to using Magnolia essential oil, both on your skin and through aromatherapy. There are many studies right now pertaining to the cancer healing benefits of magnolia essential oil, both through internal use and by specifically treating the cancer with magnolia. Magnolia is high in magnolol and honokiol, both which help with brain function, memory, and stimulating cognitive function. Magnolia essential oil contains corticosteroids, which means it can help relieve symptoms of asthma.

Magnolia essential oil is said to help relieve feelings of depression and anxiety. The honokiol components are said to help balance hormones and stimulate the release of dopamine.

Magnolia essential oil’s benefits on the skin are just as amazing as the ones listed above. It has a very calming effect on the skin, helping to reduce redness and leaves the skin brighter and illuminated. Magnolia essential oil can help to improve the skin’s natural elasticity and super hydrates dry patches.

Magnolia essential oil is also excellent for use on scars and wounds by helping to reduce inflammation and boost elasticity. Magnolia would be great in a facial oil serum or moisturizer. Even a roll-on spot treatment, using Organic Moringa OilDaikon Seed ExtractOrganic Black Seed OilOrganic Rosehip Seed Oil and Organic Sea Buckthorn Oil. Then do your essential oil blend of Magnolia, Yuzu and Blue Tansy. Super Power! You can also make this into a salve by adding a slight amount of Sunflower wax and Orange wax to create a smooth, creamy texture.

Magnolia essential oil would also be awesome as a facial spray! Imagine blending Magnolia, Organic Rose Hydrosol and Frankincense Boswellia Carterii Essential Oil! Divine smell and so many skin benefits!

Magnolia essential oil blends well with yuzuorangeblood orangehelichrysum, rosewood, rosesandalwoodbergamotcedarwoodcopaibageranium rosepatchoulichamomileylang.

Essential oils are sold in 0.5-ounce amber glass, 1-ounce amber glass with dropper, 4-ounce amber glass, 8-ounce amber glass, 16-ounce amber glass, 5-pound and 10-pound sizes. For 25-pounds or larger, please email us at orders@shayandcompany.com.

Do not apply directly to skin. Most essential oils are not designed to be applied directly, rather they are designed to be mixed with a carrier oil such as our organic sunflower or organic jojoba oils.  Always perform a small patch test when applying to skin.

Do not take internally unless you are licensed to apply them as such.

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