Tuesday Tidbits


So here’s the status. We have some 1 pound and 1 gallon sizes available. For larger sizes, right now we have the 50 pound boxes in stock at a great price. If you are used to getting Coconut 92 in buckets, this will be a little different as far as handling goes, but it is high quality Coconut 92 inside. If you still want to be able to store it in a bucket, you can simply cut it out of the box and put it into your bucket. Again, not ideal but an alternative.

Currently we are being told we have drums of Coconut 92 ready to ship to us on November 14th. Of course, I this is the third “ready” date we have been given since I put in the PO. Once we get drums in, we will pour off buckets so you can get 40-lb buckets or the 50-pound boxes, whichever you prefer.

I appreciate your patience in waiting through the supply chain issues. I realize we are not the only ones dealing with this, but I don’t like sending out these types of emails. At least we have an excellent option for you with the 50-pound boxes!

Happy soaping….


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