Tuesday Tidbits


Coconut based Activated Charcoal is made by burning coconut shells until they are a fine powder. That super-heated powder is then treated with oxygen to make it more porous. Once you treat it, it decreases the granule size making it an excellent addition to any skincare routine.

Activated Charcoal is a wonderful ingredient to include in your skincare items. It works by pulling toxins out of the skin and can work as a mild exfoliant. If you’re looking to add a dry scrub to your product line that also combos as a mask, activated charcoal should be in your lineup! Now, this stuff is BLACK and powdery so make sure to prep your work surface appropriately.

Blend some Activated Charcoal, Kaolin ClayBentonite ClaySpirulina Powder, and Turmeric Powder to make a power-packed, brightening, detoxifying mask. You can blend this with water to create a drier mask, or blend with a luxurious oil like Oregon grown Hazelnut or Organic Moringa oil. Blend well, spread evenly on your face, then let it sit for 10-30 minutes. Then scrub off! A little secret I do is to blend with yogurt and honey, then you get the pro-biotics and the massive healing of honey.

Activated Charcoal is also very popular in teeth cleaning products but be aware that it will be considered an ingested product, so make sure your labeling matches. If you’re just making this for yourself, try blending the Activated Charcoal with a little Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and peppermint essential oil, then brush away!

Activated Charcoal is sold in ½- pound, 1-pound, 5-pound, 25-pound and 55-pound sizes. Any orders larger than 250-pounds please email us for pricing.

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