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CTFA Name: Fractionated Coconut Oil
INCI Name: Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride (Organic Fractionated Coconut Oil)
COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Malaysia, Singapore or India

Certificates: Kosher, Organic
Method of Extraction: Esterification of Coconut Oils
Plant Part Used: Flesh
Ingredient Composition: 100% Fractionated Coconut Oil from Coconut
Vegan: Yes
Gluten Free: Yes
Allergen: This is considered a highly refined oil and is exempt as a major food allergy
Food Grade: Yes
Saponification Value: 325-345
CAS No: 73398-61-5, 65381-09-1
Flash Point: >200°C
Boiling Point: >250°C

Packaging: Gallons, Drums, Pails, Buckets
Description: Clear liquid, oily, almost odorless. Characteristic bland taste.
Applications: Skincare, Soap Manufacturing, Food Processing, Tinctures

Fractioned coconut oil is also known as MCT oil. This is a liquid version of coconut oil, and is very commonly used in natural based lotions, creams, butters, soaps, CBD and THC tinctures, extracts, and edibles. Fractionated coconut oil is colorless and odorless. There is no physical differences between any of our three versions of MCT, it all just depends on if you want organic and if you care that one is pure coconut or one is a palm/coconut blend. 

As a note, MCT/Fractionated Coconut Oil is not the same as Coconut Oil. This product has been modified to stay a liquid. On your ingredient decks you cannot list this as Coconut Oil (Cocos Nucifera). You have to list it as Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride (Organic Fractionated Coconut Oil). If you are making soap and your formula calls for coconut oil, you cannot use Fractionated Coconut Oil. Your soap bars will not process correctly.

We here at Shay have three different types of fractionated coconut/MCT for you. The difference between our three MCT’s is simply the origin of the ingredients used to make it. There is absolutely no difference in color or taste. Next to each other you would never be able to tell the difference.

97226- Conventional MCT/Fractionated Coconut Oil that is a Palm and Coconut blend

            Fatty Acid Composition of 97226:

                        Caprylic Acid- 50-65%

                        Capric Acid- 30-45%


97228- 100% coconut derived MCT Fractionated Coconut Oil

Fatty Acid Composition of 97228:

                        Caprylic Acid- 50-70%

                        Capric Acid- 30-50%


97227- Organic 100% Coconut Sourced Fractionated Coconut Oil

            Fatty Acid Composition of 97227:

                        Caprylic Acid- 50-65%

                        Capric Acid- 30-45%

The difference is that the conventional Fractionated Coconut/MCT 97226 can be sourced from either coconut or palm and is traditionally a blend of the two; it is also not certified organic. The 100% coconut sourced fractionated coconut oils are 100% coconut sourced, so no palm at all, and one is certified organic. If you are looking to create products that do not contain palm, then either of the 100% coconut sourced Fractionated Coconut Oils are what you need.

Organic Fractionated Coconut Oil is sold in 4-ounce, 8-ounce, 16-ounce, half-gallon, 1- gallon, 5-gallon and 55-gallon sizes. Please email us directly for 55-gallon+ orders.

Short Term Storage: Air tight container. Dark location. Cool room temperature.

Long Term Storage: Removing air from storage container will delay oxidation and rancidity (may need to place in a smaller container). Refrigeration can extend shelf life.

Best Used By: One year from date of purchase. 

Shelf Life Once Used in Manufacturing: One year from manufacturing date.

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