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Ingredients/Tech Specs:

INCI Name : See below for each type of wax

COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Candle Wax made in the US; Soy Oil is from the US, Palm Oil is from Indonesia and Coconut Oil is from the Philippines

Shay and Company is your premier candle wax supplier. We offer a variety of candle waxes and will do pallet pricing so please call for orders over 20 boxes.

C3 Nature Wax- C3 Nature Wax is 100% soy, nothing added to it. You can use this wax to create container candles or wax melts. C3 comes in flake form,  is very easy to work with, is white in color, works with either of the wicks we carry, and works well with just about any fragrance and all essential oils that are applicable for candles (not all essential oils burn for candles so always make sure to do a test burn first). 

C3 guidelines:

  • Melt wax to 130° to 200°. If you keep at 200° or higher for any extended amount of time you can scorch the wax and it will start turning cream/brown in color
  • Stir melting wax frequently to evenly distribute heat
  • Cool the melted wax down to 165° or below to add fragrance/essential oil/dyes. If you add the fragrance/essential oil when the wax is too hot you will just start burning off your scent. The more you can allow it to cool before adding the scent/essential oil, the better your finished candle will smell. Stir well to allow the scent/essential oil/dye to completely blend in. I suggest a couple of minutes to ensure good dispersion. You can add 6-10% scent/essential oil. You will have to determine the desired amount based upon your scent/essential oil and how strong you want your candle to smell.
  • Make sure your containers are at room temperature or even slightly warmer. Soy waxes can pull away from glass containers and cold containers can cause this. Allow the melted wax to cool to between 120° to 140° before pouring.
  • Allow the finished candle to stand for 24 hours before burning.

C3- 100% pure soy. Ideal for container candles, lotion bars, massage candles, and massage oils. Comes in a flake so it is easy to measure out and melt. Pour temp is 160 degrees. Fragrance load is 6-10%. Suggested wick is HTP series wicks. C3 is sold in 1-pound, 5-pound and 50-pound sizes.

C6-a blend of hydrogenated coconut and soy oils. Ideal for container candles and can be blended with C3 or beeswax to create a different texture. Comes in 12-pound bars or 60-pound boxes. Pour temp is 150 degrees. Fragrance load is 6-10%. C6 is sold in 12-pound bars and 60-pound boxes only.

Coconut-1- 100% pure hydrogenated coconut oil. Ideal for container candles, lotion bars, and massage candles. Can be added to C3, C6, Golden Wax 464, or blended with beeswax to increase oil content of candles. Suggested blend is 10-75% coconut 1 with 90-15% other type of wax. Pour temp is 90-102 degrees as this is coconut oil. If used on its own the finished candle will be softer in warmer temperatures and will completely liquify when lit. Fragrance load is 6-10%.

Golden Wax 464- this is the newest addition to the Shay and Company candle supplies. This is a 100% hydrogenated soy candle wax. Can be used on its own or can be blended with coconut 1. Melt point is 113-118 degrees. Suggested fragrance load is 5-10%. Golden Wax 464 is in flake form and is sold in 1-pound, 5-pound and 50-pound cases.

Storage: Keep in enclosed box.

Best Used By: Two years from date of purchase.

Shelf Life Once Used in Manufacturing: Two years from manufacturing date.

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