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Pricing Change Alert- MCT Oil has finally gone back down!

MCT oil was one of the products that experienced some of the craziest price changes during and after covid. Thank goodness it has finally come back down!

If you aren’t familiar with our varieties of MCT oil here is a little info on the variations we carry:

97226 Conventional MCT Oil– This is the traditional MCT oil you can find anywhere on the market. It is sourced from a blend of palm and coconut oils. The palm oil used in our MCT Oil is RSPO.

97227 Organic MCT Oil– This MCT oil is sourced from 100% organic coconut oil.

97228 Conventional 100% MCT Oil– This MCT oil is sourced from 100% coconut oil, but it is not organic.

All three versions of our MCT oil are clear in color, have the same odor and the same flavor. There is no physical difference to the products; the only difference is how the ingredients are sourced.

97226 MCT Oil is the one that has had a lovely price drop!

We offer all our MCT oils in:

4oz amber glass bottles,
8oz amber glass bottles,
16oz amber glass bottles,
1/2 gallon HDPE jugs,
1 gallon HDPE jugs,
5 gallon buckets (40 pounds each),
25 gallon discounts (five 5-gallon buckets)
and 55 gallon drums.

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