Tuesday Tidbits

Bubbles Bubbles and Some More Bubbles

We have a couple new ones so here are all the ones we currently carry:

Cocamidopropyl Betaine- the ultimate in thick foam booster, this liquid surfactant will foam away all your worries. Made from Coconuts, this is a gentle surfactant that can be used in any type of skincare and haircare formulation. Typical usage is 4-40% depending on how thick and how foamy you want your end product.

Decyl Glucoside– a gentle, biodegradable, naturally derived foaming agent for skincare products. Decyl Glucose in skin care products does not leave the skin dry or imbalanced and provides gentle foaming action. Decyl Glucoside is viscous and can be used starting at just 2%.

SCI Needles and SCI Powder (Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate)- We carry this in both needle forms and powder forms. Needle form is often used in bath bombs and shampoo bars where you want to see the needle shape. The powder form is when you’re tired of grinding down those needles! SCI is a highly active anionic foaming agent that can be used in foaming bath salts, foaming bath bombs, shampoos, liquid soaps, dish soap powders, carpet cleaners, and powdered cleansers and more.

SCS Needles (Sodium Coco Sulfate)– an anionic surfactant with excellent foaming and detergent properties. These can also function as an emulsifier. You can pair them with other anionic, non-ionic or amphoteric surfactants. These should not be paired with cationic ingredients, such as cationic surfactants or dyes. SCS Needles will create dense, creamy foam in your final formulations.

SLSA Powder (Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate)– your go-to powder surfactant for bath bombs, shampoo bars, bath melts, cleansing creams, and foaming bath salts.


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