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Please welcome Marjoram Essential Oil!

Wild Marjoram Essential Oil has strong analgesic properties, helping to reduce stress, anxiety, many symptoms associated with PMS and has many topical anti-inflammatory benefits. Marjoram smells very herbaceous with strong camphor and analgesic notes.

Due to its strong analgesic and antimicrobial benefits, Marjoram is an excellent addition to products designed to help heal wounds and repair skin damage. This can also include hair care products targeting scalp cleansing and dandruff. Marjoram and oregano are related plants and can be combined together to create a powerful product.

Marjoram has been used for centuries in topical skincare products targeting aging, sagging skin and working to fight acneic skin. The strong antibacterial properties help to remove bacteria from the skin and reduces scarring. Incorporate marjoram into your acne skincare line by adding it to your facial cleanser, serum, oil or spot treatment. Look at including Hazelnut OilOrganic Evening Primrose Oil and Organic Jojoba Oil as carriers, then do a blend of clary sagelavender, marjoram and lemon as the essential oil blend.

Marjoram has also been used to help firm up sagging, aging skin. This makes it a fun ingredient to incorporate into your anti-aging skincare line! Incorporate oils such as Organic Sea BuckthornOrganic RosehipGreen Coffee Bean OilKahlari Melon OilOrganic Black Seed OilBuriti Oil and Bakuchi Oil,  with an essential oil blend of Marjoram, Bergamot and Lemon.

Marjoram is very widely used to help balance hormones during menstrual cycles. Marjoram can be applied topically on pulse points, it can be added to a diffuser, you can incorporate into a pillow or room spray, and you can include it in topically applied products designed to help specifically with pms symptoms. Marjoram’s sweet, herbaceous aroma is delightful on its own so you don’t have to blend it. You can, however, blend it with a variety of other aromatherapy driven essential oils to double up on the benefits. Try blending marjoram, bergamotlavendercypress and rosemary to create your signature line. (fyi…this would make an AMAZING shampoo blend or shower steamer blend…yummmmm).

Potential Business Opportunity!

Also, we have a long time customer who is selling her business. It is a well established business. Here is her information. If anyone is interested, please message her directly.

After 36 years of successfully creating bath products for health food stores, export, hotels & spas, and contract manufacturing, we are ready to retire!  All of our soap making & processing equipment is for sale.  With a deep understanding of the soap making process, we have engineered innovative equipment for the creation of cold process sodium soaps.  This is a unique opportunity for a small business soap maker to jumpstart their growth.  Currently we pour 265 pound and 400pound batches of cold process soap.

For more information contact Sandie Ledray at 360-318-6268or sandieledray@comcast.net

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