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Cold Pressed Organic Virgin Sacha Inchi Oil

Super fun exotic oil targeting hair and skin repair, Organic Virgin Cold Pressed Sacha Inchi Oil is just one of the many fabulous oils we carry.

Organic Virgin Sacha Inchi oil is rich in naturally occurring fatty acids, making it an excellent addition to any skin or hair care routine. It is actually considered to be the highest plant-based source of essential fatty acids. Sacha Inchi Oil works to increase lipid barrier in the skin, improving hydration and elasticity. In the hair, it helps to repair damaged hair, stimulate hair growth, and increase shine.

Benefits: High levels of fatty acids, hydration, sun damage repair, improves elasticity, prevention and reduction of free radicals, strengthening skin lipid barrier, non-comedogenic

Read more about it by clicking here.

Other specialty oils you may not have checked out yet:

Cold Pressed Bakuchi Oil– the plant based retinol getting all the rage right now! Our version is not the CO2 extraction, ours it the pure pressed plant oil. Not as strong as the CO2 extraction version, making it ideal for every skin type. You can use it as a stand alone ingredient without any redness, burning or sensitivities, or add it into your formula. Also great to stimulate hair growth.

Organic Cold Pressed Black Seed Oil– seriously, you should have this in every skincare product you make. Proven by US medical to kill skin cancer cells, this oil is said to “cure everything but death”. It will not affect the smell or color of your finished product, it will simply make it super powerful.

Cold Pressed Buriti Oil– another plant oil high in naturally occurring vitamin A that will replace the retinol in your skincare line. This one can work synergistically with Bakuchi Oil, boosting the plant-retinol effects, and increasing both vitamin e and c content.

Cold Pressed Virgin Cucumber Seed Oil– add this one in to give extra UV protection to your summer skincare lines. Cucumber oil is a “dry” oil contributing cooling, soothing, cellular regeneration properties to your formulas.

Cold Pressed Virgin Mafura Seed Oil– highly emollient, ideal for skincare and soap making, cold pressed mafura seed oil is that little plant power ingredient you have probably never heard of. This oil specializes in conditioning, making it ideal for hair care products and skincare products targeting dry skin.

This is just a little snippet of the fabulous oils we carry. Click the link below to read about more!

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