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Just to make your decision making a little more difficult

coconut soy apricot wax titan wax 5470

First the schedule change because not all of you are interested in candle wax- We will be closed on Friday, March 15th, 2024. We were going to just close early but it is too much, so we are closing the whole day. I know a lot of you love Fridays at Shay, but this is a one-off and I hope you can understand. We will be back to normal hours the following week.

Now for the exciting news:

We are always striving to bring you the best options on the market, knowing we cannot possibly offer you all the options. Customers have trusted us with their waxes and now we want to offer you three new waxes for your selection options!

Please welcome two 100% soy and…..a paraffin-free Coconut Soy Apricot! Yes, finally! This one just hit the market and I have been asking for it for years. Coconut Soy Apricot candle wax up until this one has always had paraffin in it.

Paraffin is an addition to many candle waxes, and often times they don’t disclose this unless you dig deep. We try to offer candle waxes that perform similar to paraffin but without the petroleum addition. It is harder to get the supe-easy pour and the heat throw with paraffin-free waxes. This is the truth and is consistent with all soy based waxes. BUT, these three new waxes will change your mind on performance.

Golden Wax 419– This is the newest release from Golden Wax products. Golden Wax 419 is 100% soy with more soy additive that previous blends. This makes this candle a cleaner pour, better glass adhesion, and better heat throw. They are marketing this wax as out performing 464 so if you’ve been using 464 and are just wishing for something a little easier and a little smoother, this is their next option.

TitanWax 5230 100% Soy– this is new a brand to us and one I haven’t brought in before because their blends had paraffin. This one, though, is a 100% soy that they are marketing as out performing c3. Titan Wax 5230 has more soy additive (much like 419) and I can attest that this one is a great single pour wax. Smooth, glossy, beautiful candles.

TitanWax 5470 Coconut Soy Apricot– whoo hoo! Yes, finally, finally, finally! This blend just sounds good, which is really the only reason people have loved it, but is also makes beautiful candles. This blend is primarily soy, with enough coconut to make it creamy with a good heat throw, and a small amount of apricot to enhance the softness and give it good marketing.

Thank you for understanding our schedule change this week and happy wax shopping! Even if you don’t make candles for your own product lines, grab one of these new ones just to make some candles for yourself.

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