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Organic Hydrosols for the Skin Win!

If you are creating skincare or hair care products and would like to have something other than plain water, please welcome to your formula organic hydrosols!

Our hydrosols, or hydrolats, are pure plant waters. Hydrosols are made by collecting the steam out of the distillation pots after essential oils are made. The steam is filled with all the plant benefits, but without the heavy smell. Incorporating plant hydrosols into your skincare routine and formulations is very easy and is a great way to increase the effectiveness of your products.

Plant hydrosols are 100% pure at Shay and  Company- no dilutants, carriers or preservatives are used. You will find “hydrosols” on the market that have preservatives in them. This is generally because the pure hydrosol has been diluted with distilled water. When you purchase the hydrosols from us, they are not diluted down.

How to use hydrosols:

1-Straight on your skin just as they are. This is the easiest way to use a hydrosol . Just put it in bottle with a sprayer and spritz it wherever you’d like! Face, neck, décolleté, pillow, inside hats, hands, masks…you name it. Hydrosols are very clean and do not have the strong aroma like the essential oil so they are mild to use. They do have a smell (they are not odorless), they just don’t smell strong!

2-Dilute it down with distilled water, or organic witch hazel, or blend together a couple different hydrosols, and use them directly. This is a great way to get  the plant benefits and either have it be a little more mild (water) or get the skin tightening benefits (organic witch hazel).

3-Looking to create an alpha lipoid acid exfoliating treatment? Organic hydrosols are a great delivery system for our AHA Fruit Enzyme Blend (alpha lipoic acid exfoliating system). You would use 1-10% AHA Fruit Enzyme Blend and mix with any of our organic hydrosols, put in a spray bottle and there you go!

4-Incorporate the organic hydrosol in the water in your formulations- you can replace your water 1:1 with the organic hydrosol if you’d like, or you can just replace part of your water with an organic hydrosol. This will both increate the organic percentage of your formula, and it will impart the plant benefits of the hydrosol into your product. The hydrosol will not affect the end aroma of your formulation, unless you are using almost all hydrosol. Even then the aroma of hydrosols is not like that of an essential oil so it will not be as strong.

Here are our new ones, plus a link to the ones we have had:

Organic Chamomile– NEW!!– Benefits: calming, relaxation, reduce anxiety, relieve depression, pain relief, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, cancer growth inhibitor

Organic Neroli– NEW!!– Benefits: Hydration, softening of skin, calming, soothing, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, pain reduction, lessens age spots, soothes fine lines and wrinkles

Organic Lavender– Benefits: Soothing, calming, antiseptic, skin soother, reduces redness, anti-acne

Organic Orange– Benefits: Hydrating, balance sebum production, skin brightening, deodorizer, balance pH

Organic Peppermint-Benefits: Cooling, soothing, refreshing aroma, antibacterial, anti-itch, soothes bug bites and sun burns, anti-dandruff

Organic Rose– Benefits: Skin soothing, calms redness, anti-aging, balances pH, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, reduce appearance of wrinkles

Organic Witch Hazel– Benefits: Skin tightening, pore reduction, anti-inflammatory, anti-acne, soothing, cooling, excellent in scalp treatment, astringent

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