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Clays for Days

Please welcome two new clays to our product offerings! We now have Fuller’s Earth Clay and French Green Clay for all your creative desires.

Fuller’s Earth Clay– this is such a clean ingredient to add to your skincare, soap and hair care product lines. Fuller’s Earth Clay has a very high mineral content and is exceptional at controlling sebum production.

You can incorporate Fuller’s Earth Clay into soap bars, shampoo bars, scalp treatments, facial masks, facial cleansers, body masks and more.

Fuller’s Earth Clay can be light tan to dark brown or even a dusty rose color. No aroma.

French Green Clay is also here! French Green Clay is another variety of clay that you can use in facial masks and soap bars. French Green Clay is used to help detoxify and purify skin.

French Green Clay, in its unaltered form, is not really green. There are “green” clays out there, but if you read closely, they usually have mica added (don’t shoot the messenger). Our products never have anything added so this French Clay is a light gray green in color, but still has all the powerful benefits of French Green Clay.

Clays are a great ingredient to use in a variety of skin, hair and soap formulas for both their functional capabilities, and also for their natural coloring capabilities.

Here are some other clays we have and a little “hidden” benefit!

Activated Charcoal– excellent purification properties and great for coloring things gray to black. You can use this in soap bars, facial masks, hair masks, bath soaks, foot packs, and more. Always test it first so you don’t stain things black!

Organic Annatto Seed Powder– yes, this is marketed as a natural colorant for soaps BUT Annatto is also great for skincare. Annatto is high in anti-oxidants, high in natural vitamin e, and extremely soothing to irritated skin.

Organic Arrowroot Powder– yes, this is often used in natural deodorants BUT Organic Arrowroot Powder is an excellent ingredient for skincare formulas. High in B6, zinc and potassium, Organic Arrowroot is great for wound treatments and creams. Plus it is a beautiful white so it will opacify your soap bars and skincare products.

Organic Beet Juice Powder– if you’re looking for a natural way to get pinks and purples, Beet Juice powder is the way to go. Organic Beet Juice is super high in anti-oxidants and natural Vitamin C. If you’re creating a vitamin C line, include beet juice into your serums and creams. Other natural sources of Vitamin C are Organic Sea Buckthorn OilCold Pressed Carrot Seed OilOrganic Rosehip Seed OilOrganic Pumpkin Seed OilCold Pressed Noni Fruit Oil, and Red Raspberry Seed Oil.

Bentonite Clay– one of the great purifiers, Bentonite Clay can be used in products that target hair and skin detoxification. We have an excellent price on Bentonite clay so check it out!

Coconut Milk Powder– while not technically a “clay” Coconut Milk Powder makes a great addition to skincare and soap formulas. Coconut Milk Powder adds moisture to any formula, so try adding it to hair and scalp masks, bath bombs, bath soaks, body lotions and creams, and soap bars.

Kaolin Clay, also called White Clay– another super common ingredient that is great for a variety of uses. Facial masks, hair masks, body creams, soap bars….go crazy!

Nettle Leaf Powder-a lovely dark green powder, Nettle Leaf is very popular to use in hair care lines. Nettle Leaf Shampoos and Conditioners help strengthen hair and help to prevent hair loss. This is due to the natural silica content in Nettle Leaf. Silica is also great for strengthening skin, so consider adding Nettle Leaf into your face creams and serums.

Organic Paprika– this fun spice can spice up scalp, hair and skincare treatments! Paprika helps boost circulation, which helps grow hair and helps heal skin. Paprika is also naturally high in beta-carotene, which converts to Vitamin C when applied topically.

Organic Spirulina-so much more than just a colorant, spirulina is a detoxifier and deodorizer, plus it can help increase hair growth and increase skin radiance! This one ingredient can really boost up the effectiveness of everything from bath soaks and natural deodorants, to facial masks and scrubs.

Titanium Dioxide– one of two FDA approve sun protection ingredients, Titanium can be used both as a coloring agent (white) and as a natural UV filter. Titanium is the best ingredient to add if you want to have an opacified product that you’ll add color to. Adding titanium, then adding your colorant will make the color solid and more vibrant.

Organic Turmeric– hello skin brightener! Yes, Turmeric is more than just a soap color. This powerful powder can be used to brighten skin and to massively fight free radicals. Turmeric is such a powerful anti-inflammatory and is excellent to incorporate in serums, masks and creams. Don’t let the color scare you!

Zinc Oxide– the 2nd FDA approved natural sun protection ingredient! Zinc also works as a whitener in your products.

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