Tuesday Tidbits

Okay, let’s get making!

candy corn fragrance for soap and candles

I sent an email a couple of weeks ago with our new scents of Lingonberry SpiceFall Pumpkin SpiceBlue SpruceChristmas CashmereRoasted Chestnuts and Burnt Sugar, and Lemon Orange Blossom. That was round one, today is round two!

Candy Corn– Sweet, buttery, caramel and honey. You could also call this one Buttered Popcorn, Butter and Brown Sugar, Caramel Corn, Honey Vanilla….get wild with the names!

Bayberry and Pine– This fragrance is warm with a lovely fruity top note, a little hint of spice, and a superb musky base. I can imagine this as the best smelling fire starter ever! Bayberries and Pine would make such a great masculine scent for a deodorant or shampoo bar. If you want to lighten it a little, mix it with our Lingonberry Spice to enhance the fruity top note; try it with our Watercress and Thyme to make a Fall Herb Garden; or with our Oakmoss Fragrance to give it a powdery, soft feel. All around amazing scent.

Suede and Cedar–  Textures; richness; suppleness; skin-feel; elegance. That is Suede and Cedar Fragrance. This aroma is like a warm blanket or the silkiest sheets, wrapping you up and soothing all your anxieties. Suede and Cedar has a lovely, light citrus top note, a smooth, soft center and rich, elegant base. Absolutely lovely.

Falling Leaves– Fall is such a magical time of year. The days are still warm but the evenings start to get cool. The ground smells warm. Trees start to change with fabulous colors of gold, red, green and brown. Our Falling Leaves Fragrance encompasses all those nostalgic feelings! This fragrance has an airy, citrus top note, warmth and pine as a middle, and nothing but trees on the base. I would love this as a scent for a bathroom spray cleaner, candle, or shower steamer! Excellent aroma for everyone being not too sweet, not too masculine and not too woodsy.

Winter– I grew up in Bend, Oregon and we did have snow on the ground, frosty cold mornings, crisp mountain air and bright winter sunshine all winter long. This is what our Winter Fragrance reminds me of. Frost covered pine cones, snowshoeing through the forest, and crisp, clean air.

Mountain Laurel– Mountain Laurel is a blend between a lovely holiday scent and a superb all-year-round outdoor love aroma! This one smells clean and fresh, like a woodsy escape. Could be called something like Christmas Tree, Conifers and Pine, Pine Trees, Fall Forest, Evergreens, whatever tree-like name you enjoy.

Mountain Laurel has a strong pine, herbs and cedar aroma, balanced with some fresh rosemary and herbs, and finished with a very small hint of sweet musk. This one could be blended with a fruity fragrance (think sugared huckleberry, Fig, Lingonberry Spice, or Pomegranate) to create a Laurel and Berry blend, maybe even something called Holly and Berries.

Wild Sage and Cassis– I have always been intrigued by the aroma of cassis. First off, what is it? Second off, why does it always smell so good!??! Well, cassis is black currant syrup liquor, so there is why it smells so good. This all natural fragrance of Wild Sage and Cassis is sweet, syrupy and citrus all in one. It does have a top note of Bubblegum (what is that, really?) so this one could be good for those of you looking for fun ones for teens.

I personally think this is such a rich, mature, fragrant aroma that makes me want to smell like this all day. Candles, bath bombs, shampoo, body lotion…all lovely with this one.

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