Tuesday Tidbits

More new fragrances

Here’s the rest of them….for now. Seems I’m always creating so we shall see how long until there is more.

Few things about our new fragrances. I am sure some of you have looked at them and wondered why they are so danged expensive! Yes, they do appear to be “more” than fragrances you can purchase elsewhere. That is because they are, but they are also much higher quality and much cleaner fragrances.

Since I started bringing in fragrances I have said I want clean fragrances with the highest level of natural, and I want them all to be able to be used in soaps, candles, skincare and haircare. Shay and Company prides ourselves on providing you with high quality products, all the time, as the best possible prices all the time. All natural fragrances are fragrances you can feel good about putting in your products.

Second note about the new fragrances, almost every one of them is made with a ton of essential oils so they all have Prop 65 components. We do not, however, have Prop 65 warnings on any of them because Prop 65 states that finished products with levels falling below their “Safe Harbor Levels” do not have to have Prop 65 warnings. This means, if you were to include a volume of fragrance in the end product to your consumer that it would have such volume as to actually be dangerous, then it would require a Prop 65 warning. Since fragrances are used in 1-2% for skincare formulas, and the percentage of Prop 65 ingredients in the bulk fragrance are less than Safe Harbor Levels, the end product most definitely has less than Safe Harbor Levels, so no warning is needed. We do list the Prop 65 ingredient and the statement that it falls below Safe Harbor Levels as we are 100% transparent about all our ingredients.

Every fragrance out there that is made with an essential oil, especially if it has a citrus essential oil, will contain Prop 65 ingredients and “should” have a stipulation in the SDS. We know there are other manufacturers who do not disclose this, which they really do not have to because falling under Safe Harbor Levels means they don’t have to, but we are uber honest about what you’re getting from us.

Here is a link to information about our fragrance standards and more on Prop 65.

Now, on to the fun part.

Jasmine Ylang All Natural Fragrance
The combination is a sweet, mellow, almost fruity flower blend that is absolutely gorgeous.

Brown Sugar and Fig All Natural Fragrance– Sweet, thick, mild fruit with a fantastic holding power, all natural Brown Sugar and Fig will make delicious products.

Sanctuary All Natural Fragrance– My new favorite! A delectable blend of herbs with serene sandalwood and amryis.

Carnelian All Natural Fragrance-Rich in pepper, fruit, and woodsy base notes. This one is super clean and uplifting.

White Lotus and Lime All Natural Fragrance-This fragrance is not all fruit and it is not all flowers, but the two combined with a great base of tonka bean and Amyris.

Blue Jeans Naturally Derived Fragrance-For those of you looking for Cotton, Laundry, Fresh Laundry, Clean…..this is your scent!

Juicy Fruit Naturally Derived Fragrance-This one is fun! Sweet and juicy.

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