Tuesday Tidbits


Syndopour MB 200 is the easiest way to start making your own shampoo bars. This is a melt and pour base, just like the soap bases we carry, and it is a ready-made shampoo bar that you can add all your special ingredients to and call it yours. Simply melt this down gently in a double boiler (don’t let it burn), then add in your ingredients, and pour into your molds. Or, if you don’t want to get fancy, you can use it as is or just simply add some scent to it. Voila! Shampoo Bar.

Now, don’t stop at just shampoo bars. This melt and pour base is also an excellent option for shaving soaps and shaving bars, scrubbing bars like salt or sugar bars, and even as a base for a body wash.

You can also use this base for your compressed shampoo bars. Simply use this as a binder once you have all your ingredients together. Using this as the binder for your dry ingredients will simply increase the foamability and moisture component of your finished bar. This is simply a tool to add to your tool chest when creating your custom products.

Any of our essential oils and any of our fragrances can be used in this base. The ones I listed were just an example but feel free to use any and all of them! Well, maybe not all in one bar….

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