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New Products! Rice Bran Wax and Cera Bellina Wax Join the Line-up!

Two awesome emulsifiers and form building ingredients for your skincare and hair care formulas!

Rice Bran WaxRice Bran Wax is an excellent alternative to candelilla wax and beeswax in many skincare formulas. Rice Bran Wax has high levels of phospholipids, phytosterols, and vegetable squalane, which make it a more moisturizing emulsifier than traditional beeswax.

Rice Bran Wax is derived directly from Rice Bran Oil, making it not only an excellent emollient but also highly beneficial for skin and hair care applications. Rice Bran Wax is high in vitamin E, ferulic acid, and gamma-oryzanol. All these help to protect hair and skin from free radicals, helping to create healthier skin and hair.

Rice Bran Wax works to help seal in moisture, leaving hair and skin soft and supple. It helps to prevent water loss and creates a protective barrier against environmental damage.

Cera Bellina WaxCera Bellina Wax is a modified beeswax designed to give incredible glide and texture in emulsified products. Cera Bellina wax can be used on everything from lip balms and oils, to eye creams, face creams, lotion bars and color cosmetics.

Cera Bellina is derived by separating out the fatty acids from natural beeswax and converting them to polyglycerol esters. This increases the ability for the wax to emulsify with water. Using ester products instead of beeswax means your finished product will have a silkier, smoother, more gel-like texture, rather than a stiff texture that beeswax can sometimes impart in formulas. When used with color products, the Cera Bellina helps to more evenly disperse the color materials, making a more uniform color throughout the product.

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