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We now offer wick stickers to adhere your wicks to the bottom of your candle containers. These wick stickers are sized to fit the pre-tabbed wicks that we carry, and most pre-tabbed wicks in the industry. Wick stickers are foam stickers that are designed to withstand the high heat of hot candle pours, and are a lower profile sticker so that your candle can burn almost all the way down to the bottom. Wick stickers measure ¾” in diameter. These will work with all wax types.

Directions for Use: Peel sticker off paper backing and stick to the bottom of your wick. Peel of the paper backing on the other side and stick to the center of your candle container. Works with glass, metal and clay containers.

Wick Stickers are sold in quantities of 25, 100, 500 and 1000.

Made in the USA!

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