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Vanilla Absolute Essential Oil Blend

Extraction Method: Various
Plant Part: various
Country of Origin: various
INCI Name: Styrax benzoin (Benzoin) Resin Extract, Myroxylon Pereirae (Peru Balsam) Resin Oil, Vanilla Planifolia (Vanilla) Fruit Extract

Flash Point: 63°C
100% Pure, no dilutants or carriers added
Not tested on animals
Irradiation free
Viscous, dark liquid
Aroma: Sweet, Vanilla, Benzoin

Benefits: anti-inflammatory, antidepressant, high levels of anti-oxidants, natural hormone balancer, enhances mood, increases libido

We are proud to offer an affordable vanilla essential oil! This oil is rich and yummy, just like vanilla bean extraction. Vanilla Absolute Essential Oil blend is dark in color and can be a bit thicker than alcohol extracted vanilla. The smell, though, is divine.

Vanilla Absolute has a beautifully rich vanilla bean scent. Try blending this with our Willamette Valley Peppermint essential oil to create a vanilla mint, or add to lavender and lemongrass for that spa-like blend. Vanilla Absolute makes a great addition to just about any scent blend.

Please note, because vanilla is dark in color I am guessing it will affect the final color of your soap bars if you use this in soap. Always do small test batches to determine the look and smell of your final product.

Vanilla Absolute Essential Oil blend has many benefits, aside from just aromatherapy. Vanilla is known to have high levels of anti-oxidants, so using vanilla in skincare products helps to promote healing from things like sun damage and pollution on the skin.

Smelling vanilla has long been known as an aphrodisiac. Vanilla stimulates hormone production (estrogen and testosterone), which in turn helps to increase libido. This boost of hormone production also makes the use of vanilla a benefit for relieving PMS symptoms. Try blending vanilla and lavender in diffuser, or adding to a bathing oil to help ease PMS tension.

One great aromatherapy benefit of vanilla is its ability to reduce anxiety and decrease depression. Vanilla has a calming effect on the brain, and is also said to help decrease high blood pressure. Try adding vanilla to any of your scent blends, be it for a diffuser, bath bombs, body wash, shampoo, body butters, foot scrubs- you name it.

Essential oils are sold in 0.5-ounce amber glass, 1-ounce amber glass with dropper, 4-ounce amber glass, 8-ounce amber glass, 16-ounce amber glass, 5-pound and 10-pound sizes. For 25-pounds or larger, please email us at

Do not apply directly to skin. Most essential oils are not designed to be applied directly, rather they are designed to be mixed with a carrier oil such as our organic sunflower or organic jojoba oils.  Always perform a small patch test when applying to skin.

Do not take internally unless you are licensed to apply them as such.

This information is for reference only. These recommendations have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not meant to treat, cure or remedy any diseases.

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