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Extraction Method: Steam Distilled
Plant Part: Stalk
Country of Origin: India
INCI Name: Cymbopogon Flexuosus

Flash Point: 87°C/188.6°F
100% Pure, no dilutants or carriers added
Not tested on animals
Irradiation free
Color: Colorless to light yellow
Aroma: Herbaceous, grass, lemon
Candle Compatible

Lemongrass Essential Oil Benefits: Antimicrobial, anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant, anti-nausea, disinfectant, analgesic, antiseptic, astringent, diuretic, fungicidal, insecticidal

Lemongrass essential oil is in the lemon family, but has a much more mild, much less citrus smell. Lemongrass essential oil is made from the dried lemongrass plant. Lemongrass is used in cooking, while lemongrass essential oil is ideal for candles, diffuser blends, household cleaners and more.

Lemongrass, through aromatherapy blends, can be used to help reduce depression. It is said that lemongrass essential oil can help to boost self-esteem and help relieve symptoms of anxiety. Try creating a blend of lemongrass and lavender for a calming blend, or lemongrass and tea tree for a more uplifting blend.

Lemongrass essential oil is an antimicrobial. Topical application can help to inhibit the growth of bacteria on the skin. This can be an excellent benefit to individuals who suffer from acne, eczema, psoriasis, athlete’s foot, etc. Lemongrass essential oil should never be applied directly to the skin. Always dilute with one of our carrier oils or our lotion base.

Lemongrass essential oil has a pleasant, citrus based scent that blends well with essential oils like lavender and rose. Try creating a blend to be used as a natural deodorant or solid perfume.

As an astringent, lemongrass essential oil works very well to help balance oil production and tighten pores. Consider adding lemongrass essential oil to your soap bars, shampoo bars, body washes, face serums, or face moisturizers. Just a small amount of lemongrass essential oil will help cleanse the skin and tighten the pores.

Bug repellent! I am pretty sure we all know of many citrus based bug repellents. Those citronella candles and oil are just about everywhere! Citronella and lemongrass combined make an excellent bug repellant scent. Try blending the two in an essential oil spray for baseboards and windowsills, or add to a water based spray to coat the backyard.

Essential oils are sold in 0.5-ounce amber glass, 1-ounce amber glass with dropper, 4-ounce amber glass, 8-ounce amber glass, 16-ounce amber glass, 5-pound and 10-pound sizes. For 25-pounds or larger, please email us at

Do not apply directly to skin. Most essential oils are not designed to be applied directly, rather they are designed to be mixed with a carrier oil such as our organic sunflower or organic jojoba oils.  Always perform a small patch test when applying to skin.

Do not take internally unless you are licensed to apply them as such.

This information is for reference only. These recommendations have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not meant to treat, cure or remedy any diseases.

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