Tuesday Tidbits

Holy smokes it is finally done!!!

Building a new website is a massive undertaking! We started this process 2 years ago, with a totally different company. Two years later and two websites later, welcome to the new look!

New Website features:

New categories

New sub categories

A favorites section so you can find all your favorites when you come back to re-order

Downloadable C of A’s, SDS and info sheets

LTL freight shipping options

Drum pricing

Some pallet and partial pallet pricing

and so much more!

We have worked very hard to give you as much information as possible and we are still working on updating all the info. You will see C of A’s and SDS start coming on board. If you don’t see the one that matches your lot, just email us at orders@shayandcompany.com with the lot number and we will get it up there.

I need your help! If you’re on the website and you see something that is missing or doesn’t look right, please email or message us and let us know! Over 20,000 sku’s, I’m sure I missed something!

Ever wondered what our store looks like? Oh yes, there is a 360 view of the store on the About Us page! Pretty cool.

Now the steps for you- If you have previously created an account with us, your information and previous orders “should” have transferred over. You may have to create your password again on this new site, but as long as you use the same email as previously, it should all populate. You also may have to double check the addresses in your account to make sure the most current ones have transferred through.

If you have shopped with us before but checked out as a guest and didn’t create an account, you will have to create an account now on this site. Super easy, and no, we don’t spam you with emails. The only emails we send are about your orders unless you’ve signed up for this newsletter.

New products- Yep, there are new ones on this site that weren’t on the old site! Check out the New Products section to see all the goodies! More will be coming, too.

Phew! Thank you so much for selecting Shay and Company! We are proud to be growing and bringing you new and exciting options!

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