Tuesday Tidbits

Apologizing for Greedy MailChimp

If you are receiving this Tuesday Tidbit and didn’t sign up for it, I am apologizing right now. When we launched our new website and connected our MailChimp, they automatically added everyone, even though we didn’t ask for that.i am very vocal about not sending this to people who don’t want it so I apologize now, and ask if you really don’t want this, please unsubscribe now.However, I will say that Tuesday Tidbits only go out max once per week. They only go when I have time to write one. They only include new product info, schedule updates, or product education. That is it. We don’t want to waste our time writing crap no one wants to read, and we don’t want to waste your time in receiving garbage you don’t want to read.So if you chose to stay, thank you.
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