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First Round of 2023 Holiday Scents!

Yep..it is August and I’m already “behind” on launching the 2023 holiday scents. Had customers asking for them in June! I said June was too early…like summer was going to get mad at me for already thinking about the holidays and it would just poof and disappear.

Here is the first round. We have several more coming so keep watching the New Products page!

Little note about our fragrances- yes, many of them will be “more” expensive than some you can find elsewhere. We have our perfumists specifically create cleaner scents, and we try to have them all-natural, or at least naturally derived (over 51% natural materials). This is a personal standard for our store, as I only carry ingredients that I would use. It is our objective to provide for you the highest quality ingredients at the best possible price, all the time. It is why you will see the excellent quality of fragrances and other ingredients we carry, and why you will never see “sales”. If you can discount your products some of the time, you are overpriced all the rest of the time.

On to the fun part:

Roasted Chestnuts and Burnt Sugar– holy goodness, this one is yummy. Candle, soap bar, conditioner, body butter…this fragrance is creamy, and starts with the warmth of burnt sugar, the nostalgia of roasted nuts and the soothing base of coffee.

Lemon Orange Blossom all natural fragrance– you may wonder how this is a holiday scent, but let me tell you this one blends magically with All Natural Lingonberry to create a Sparkling Cranberry.  Aside from that, All Natural Lemon Orange Blossom is your citrus scent for candles! We have so many request for using lemon, orange, or pink grapefruit essential oils in candles, but they just don’t burn like you want them to. So, Lemon Orange Blossom fulfills those needs. Bright and citrus, you can use this on its own, or blend it with Vanilla for an Orange Cream, or Lemongrass Essential Oil to make it bold, or Bootleg Gin to make a Gimlet.

This brings us to All-Natural Lingonberry Spice…..deliciousness. Fruity, sweet, slightly tart and a little spicy, this is truly reminiscent of the jam. This one can be called any “berry” name you’d like- cranberry, strawberry, currant…. you name it, it smells amazing!

Next up….Blue Spruce All Natural Fragrance. Just called this one “Aroma of the Most Expensive Christmas Tree Ever”. Pure tree, and pure goodness.  This one in a soap or shower steamer…yummm!!

Fall Pumpkin Spice is your warmer, spicier, less pumpkin Pumpkin Spice. This one is a great one for fall and elicits a feeling of a lit fire place with the house filled with smells of baking.

Christmas Cashmere is probably my favorite of the holiday blends, mostly because this one can be an all-year-round scent, just give it a different name. Serious goodness, this one is lavender, silk, cashmere, sandalwood and amber.

Spiced Honey and Tonka Fragrance is not just for the holidays, but makes a great “fall” scent. It is an alluring blend of spiced honey and tonka beans will transport you to a realm of opulence and luxury.

Here is a reminder of the “holiday” scents we have other than these new ones:

All Things Good about Xmas– yep, every smell you love all in one. Hugely popular fragrance.

Baked Apple– cinnamon, sweet, sugar, apples and vanilla.

Balsam Pine– this one is another “Christmas tree” scent, but different from Blue Spruce. This one is warmer, more like the tree after it has warmed up, with more cedar and pine than just spruce.

Candy Cane– peppermint and vanilla sugar, this one is so good in body butters, soap bars, candles, and shower steamers!

Cranberry Chutney– this is a thick, rich, cranberry sauce scent. Notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, orange, and cranberry, this is fresh and clean.

Frankincense and Myrrh Fragrance– straight from the Magi’s, this one is an excellent year-round blend, and ideal for holidays. Frankincense and Myrrh are said to be the scent of the holidays.

Laurel and Cranberry– The smell of Christmas trees, mulling spices, cranberry wine sauce and fresh air.

Pumpkin Latte– you’ll think you just drove through the coffee line in October. Rich notes of fresh brewed coffee with the slight sweetness of pumpkin, cinnamon and vanilla.

Pumpkin Spice Fragrance– this is your traditional pumpkin spice! Simply cannot beat this in a candle. It is like people lose their minds when these hit the shelves.

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