Tuesday Tidbits

End of Summer Check-in

Didn’t summer just start? I love summer, especially here in Oregon because rainy winters are so hard for me.

I like to check in with customers a few times per  year, just to see how business is going and if there is any way we can be of more service to you.

I am sure you have seen all the new products this year, and I have more coming. Are there other ingredients you would really love for us to carry? Keep in mind that I leave micas and molds to the experts, as I would rather use my warehouse space for powerful plant ingredients. Please email me with other ingredients you’d like to purchase from us, and if you can, please include a C of A or spec sheet so I can make sure I know what you’re looking for specifically.

Anything new on the horizon I should know about? Hot new products or formulas you want to be able to make? I am not as in touch as you are, so I may not know of the future ingredients you’ll love.

One last request- we have so many great Shay customers and I appreciate you all so much. I had someone reach out to me this weekend by messenger and ask if they were going to be my first customer ever since I didn’t have many reviews on my website! Ugh…reviews, am I right? People want to read them, but we never want to leave them. So I’m asking, if you have products you love, could you take 15 seconds and write a review? It would help me and it also helps your fellow makers so they know how great our products are AND that we are a real business!

Thank you for your time and I hope you have a fabulous fall full of selling all your products!

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