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Essential Oil Bug Off Blend

I have people ask often if we carry Citronella Fragrance for candles….um, no. Why would we carry a synthetic version of the essential oil?!?!

Citronella Essential Oil is derived from a plant, and real live plants are what work against bugs. It is always better to use the essential oil and not a lab created smell.

I made a spray and candle for myself when I went to Diamond Lake and this was my blend. It worked great and smelled great. Plus the addition of peppermint also helps deter mice and spiders.

Essential Oil Blend:

2 parts Citronella Essential Oil

1 part Lemongrass Essential Oil

1 part Litsea Essential Oil

1 part Peppermint Essential Oil


2 ounces Polysorbate 80 blended with 4 ounces EO blend from above

Mix these together, then add water. This was in a 16 ounce bottle so the spray was very strong. You can use less EO/Polysorbate blend, I just know how bad Diamond Lake mosquitoes are and I wanted nothing to do with them!

I used this spray on me, my clothes, and the entrance to our cabin.


9 ounces candle wax

0.9oz EO blend

Make sure to heat your wax up to the recommended temp (depending on which wax you use), then cool down to 135°F-ish to add in your EO blend. You don’t want to start burning off your essential oils while it is setting up.

The candles on their own smell so good, even when they aren’t burning. Makes the whole area smell great.

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