Tuesday Tidbits

A New Wax with New Possibilities

We have a new wax that has joined our lineup, and it can be used in more than just candles!

Please welcome Coconut 2 Coconut and Soy pre-blended wax to our lineup. This wax is made by Nature Wax and is composed of more coconut than soy (although they don’t give percentages so we don’t know the actual blend).

Coconut 2 makes great candles AND you can use it in other things, like shampoo bars! This does have soy in it, so if you are trying to stay away from soy check out our Coconut 92 as a high temp coconut.

For use in candles, this can be used in anything that comes in a container (jars, tealights) but not in pillar candles. Coconut Wax of any kind is too soft to make a free-standing pillar candles. It will just make a big mess on your table. You can blend this with palm flakes, 100% pure soy wax, beeswax beads or sunflower wax to create a firm enough wax for pillar candles.  We do also carry Elite 300 which is a wax specifically designed for pillar and free-standing candles.

Coconut 2 will also work to make melts/tarts. We also carry Golden Wax 494 which is a wickless wax, designed for melts and tarts if you stick with 100% soy.

We do have three types of coconut/soy blended waxes:
Coconut 2– This one is more coconut and less soy; this comes in an almost solid shortening type texture
C6– this one is more soy and less coconut; this one comes in 12 pound slabs or 48-pound boxes
Golden Wax 454– this one is more soy and less coconut; this comes in flake form

We also carry Coconut 1, which is 100% pure coconut wax.

A little note about how we chose waxes. I know many of you over the last couple of years have asked about the alternative wax blends, such as apricot and coconut. They are very cool sounding waxes, but unfortunately they all contain paraffin. Even the last one I got information on, when I asked specifically it said it did contain paraffin. We try to be as clean as we can be with our products and petroleum based ingredients are just one of the lines we won’t cross. The day I find an apricot wax blend, or any new cool sounding wax blend, that doesn’t have paraffin, I will bring it in.

I also carry candle waxes where I can specifically work with the manufacturers and I know their quality and sourcing. If I ask for a country of origin of an ingredient and they can’t tell me, I won’t bring it in. The integrity of our ingredients is important to me, and I want you all to have the consistent quality every time you order from us.

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