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Ingredients/Tech Specs:

INCI Name : Cera Alba (Organic Beeswax)


Here at Shay and Company we offer you three types of beeswax. We have smaller white beeswax prills, slightly larger white beeswax beads, and organic yellow beeswax beads. All our beeswax is 100% pure beeswax. Color may vary batch to batch and may have a mild, honey aroma.

Beeswax prills are smaller in size and are pharmaceutical grade. Our beeswax prills are put through a mechanical filtration process to remove the yellow color, and not bleached with an oxidizing agent.

Beeswax beads are slightly larger. The white beads are bleached and deodorized so they are a standard white in formulas. Our organic yellow beeswax beads are a beautiful natural yellow color and would be a great addition to candles, salves and soaps.

Beeswax makes an excellent texture stabilizer for soap bars, salves, lotion bars, body butters, lip balms, body scrubs and so much more. You can melt beeswax and then add into a blend of butters and oils, like our organic shea, organic mango, organic cocoa and a little castor oil to create a creamy salve or add into a lotion bar using our melt-and-pour white soap base and adding in some organic jojoba oil and Oregon hazelnut oil.

Beeswax can also be used in baking, making edibles and chocolates!

Beeswax for candles- we have three different kinds of beeswax in stock but only two are really used for candles. White beeswax beads or yellow organic beeswax beads. White beeswax beads are traditionally what you would blend with any of the above candle waxes to make a harder candle. You can blend the yellow organic beeswax but it will affect the final color of your candle. Yellow beeswax is the one traditionally used in the yellow pillar candles. There are many suggested beeswax candle recipes out there but here is one:

  • 1 pound beeswax
  • 1/2 cup coconut oil/coconut wax (coconut 1 is an excellent option for this)
  • 6-10% scent/essential oil

Beeswax traditionally burns hotter than soy or coconut wax so mixing it with a softer oil, such as coconut, will help reduce the burn temp. If you are pouring beeswax candles into containers you will have to make sure the container will withstand the higher heat. You will also need to purchase wicks that are specifically designed for beeswax candles. The wicks we carry are not suitable for beeswax candles.

Melting the beeswax for your candles- you will want to melt this specific wax in a double boiler to keep it from getting too hot or burning. Melt to 144° to 170°. Beeswax will start to burn at 185° so keep it lower than that. Once the beeswax is melted, add in the coconut oil and remove from heat. Allow to cool to between 130° to 165° before adding scent/essential oils.

Pour into room temp containers at 120° to 130°. 

Organic yellow beeswax beads are sold in 1-pound, 5-pound and 50-pound sizes. Please email us for orders larger than 150-pounds.

Storage: Keep in sealed container.

Best Used By: Two years from date of purchase. 

Shelf Life Once Used in Manufacturing: One year from manufacturing date.

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