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Shay and Company is constantly updating our product line based upon your requests. We have a variety of wicks for you, all made from natural fibers, and all designed to be used in plant based waxes. We offer some at the pre-cut 6” pre-tabbed size, then we offer some in bulk so you can cut them to your own length. We also offer the wick tabs that can be used with our wicks AND with any wick you may have purchased elsewhere. Raw wicks are not coated, so they will be soft when you purchase them. You will need wick holders with all our wicks as they will soften when the wax is poured in. You will also need to cut each based upon the height of your candle container.

Bleached, square wicks- These are the ideal wicks for your beeswax candles! Yes, finally! Bleached Square™ Wick was originally designed for beeswax candles. Today, this wick is used in all types of candle systems. This unique construction combined with our chemical (salt) treatment processes make it an excellent choice for waxes that are highly viscous when molten, like beeswax and vegetable wax. Bleached Square™ Wick is engineered to curl while burning, minimizing carbon build-up. This wick is constructed of 100% natural fibers and is finished with chemical (salt) treatments to improve burn qualities.

Raw wicking means that it is not pre-cut, nor is it dipped in anything. You can cut these wicks to whatever length you would like. If you want the material to be firm for when you set it in your candles, simply dip your cut wicks in your wax blend.

BLSQ 4-1.36” flame height; 1.7” burn pool – great for smaller candles, dipped beeswax tapers, votives, small container candles

We also offer the larger #12 BLSQ.

Raw wicks are sold in 12.5 feet, 50 feet, 250 feet and 500 feet increments.

We also sell the wick tabs to affix to the bottom of our raw wicks, and the wick stickers to adhere all our wicks to the bottom of your container.

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