Tuesday Tidbits

Welcome to 2024…couple things for this month.

I cannot believe it is already the 10th day of 2024. Where does the darn time go!?!?!?

Couple of things for January:

We will be closed Friday, January 19th, 2024. It is just a one-off day, not a regular event. Orders placed on the 18th will be available to pick up or ship on the 22nd.

New Fragrances-Yes, they are coming. No, I wasn’t on time (when am I ever on time with scents!??!). We have a whole slew of new ones coming in the end of this month. You will love them!

Flavors-Yes, we have these coming, too! Just a few to test.

We have a wide variety of new things coming in the next two months so please be sure to watch the newsletters.

Speaking of new…..reaching out to all our wonderful makers to get a list of things you would like us to carry. I cannot possibly know about every cool ingredient out there so please email us with your requests. Be as specific as possible, including any C of A’s or SDS if you have them.

Thank you for ringing in the new year! Here’s to a rad 2024.

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