Tuesday Tidbits

Welcome Organic Poppy Seeds and more….

organic blue poppy seeds

We are always striving to bring in new products for your formulation needs! Please welcome Organic Blue Poppy Seeds! These are extremely popular in soaps and scrubs!

Organic Poppy Seeds really need no explanation, but just in case….little blue/purple spherical beads ideal for soaps and skincare products! Organic Poppy Seeds not only add excellent pops of color to your products, but they also are ideal for exfoliation as they will scrub without scratching.

Also, SCI Powder has finally landed! Let the bubbles begin.

Organic Red Beet Powder is also back in stock!

Let’s talk about the craziness with Cocoa Butter. If you currently use Cocoa Butter in your products get ready for massive price increases. The cost of cocoa (all forms) tripled overnight. This is due to environmental factors creating less supply, and as soon as a food source is low in supply the demand drastically increases the price. We saw this with olive oil when sunflower oil was short. Now we see this with cocoa butter. I don’t expect this to be better for a long time so adjust your prices and buy your chocolate bars now, because cocoa butter is bonkers.

In order to help with this, we are bringing in some non-organic material, and some material in blocks instead of wafers. Wafer form is obviously easier to work with, but that is also why it is more expensive. More processing means higher cost. All supply is limited so we do not have large volumes on the website. If you are interested in larger quantities, please email us at orders@shayandcompany.com. We will regulate sales so that our regular customers can continue to have stock.

Cocoa Butter Deodorized Not Organic Wafers and Blocks

Cocoa Butter Natural Not Organic Wafers and Blocks

Cocoa Butter Deodorized Organic Wafers

Cocoa Butter Natural Organic Wafers

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