Tuesday Tidbits

Tart Wax is Here!

Perfect wax to start your wax melts line!

Golden Wax 494– Golden Wax 494 is 100% partially hydrogenated soy wax flakes specifically meant to be used in melts and tarts! If you’re looking to expand your product line but not looking to have traditional candles, this wax is your key! This wax CANNOT be used with a wick so you cannot interchange this with container wax. You can only use this to make melts or tarts. Golden Wax 494 is in flake form and is sold in 1-pound, 5-pound and 50-pound cases.

  • Melt wax to 125° to 200°. If you keep at 200° or higher for any extended amount of time you can scorch the wax and it will start turning cream/brown in color
  • Stir melting wax frequently to evenly distribute heat
  • Cool the melted wax down to 160° or below to add fragrance/essential oil/dyes. If you add the fragrance/essential oil when the wax is too hot you will just start burning off your scent. The more you can allow it to cool before adding the scent/essential oil, the better your finished candle will smell. Stir well to allow the scent/essential oil/dye to completely blend in. I suggest a couple of minutes to ensure good dispersion. You can add 6-12% scent/essential oil. You will have to determine the desired amount based upon your scent/essential oil and how strong you want your candle to smell.
  • Allow the melted wax to cool to between 130° to 140° before pouring into your molds
  • Allow the finished melt/tart to stand for 24 hours before using.

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