Tuesday Tidbits

New Product Alert- More New Fragrances Appeared on our Shelves!

More New Sniffs

I have received requests for some of these, others were just ones I loved so here we go.

Barrel Aged Whiskey– Top Shelf Whiskey is what we should have called this one. Rich, warm and slightly spicy, this all natural Barrel Aged Whiskey Fragrance is excellent on its own or a powerhouse fragrance for blending. I love the way this one calms down a room when it is burning in a candle. This one is also 100% natural.

Bergamot Black Tea– Lookin to do a little front porch sittin? Well, get out your rocking chairs because this is the smell of that giant pitcher of tea. Not sweet tea, traditional Orange Pekoe Iced Tea. This one smells to rich from the brewed black tea, then has just a slight hint of bergamot essential oil to give it a light citrus hint.

Brazilian Mango– Mango Mango Mango Madness is what this one should be called. It is the smell of walking down the beach in Costa Rica and diving into a super juicy, fresh from the street vendor, Mango. The bonus on this one is its 100% natural!

Cabernet Neroli– I love a good red wine and this one is reminiscent of just that. Smooth, fruity, full bodied our Cabernet Neroli Fragrance blends just the right amount of red and citrus. Don’t think of this one as just red wine, as it has a lot of other notes to it. You can use it as a Red Wine fragrance, but it would also be great called Sangria.

Cherry Almond– We have an Almond Fragrance but it is more like almond blossoms and not the true bitter, cherry almond people associate with Almond Fragrance. Welcome to the team, Cherry Almond. That true Almond Fragrance that makes you think of 80’s hair oil. If you love the traditional Almond aroma, this is for you. Another 100% natural fragrance.

Coconut Mango-Okay, take that street vendor mango from the last one and dip it into Coconut Ice Cream. Then you’ll have Coco Mango. Fabulous smell. So rich. Just enough coconut cream to make it creamy but not coconut. Then back to the mango mango mango.

Cucumber Melon-Another one brought in by popular request, please welcome Cucumber Melon. I don’t really know why this is called Cucumber Melon when it should really be Melon Cucumber, but so it is called. Yummy honeydew with clean cucumber. This one is loved by all.

Frazier Fir– you asked, we delivered. Frazier Fir seems to be one of the most popular scents here in the PNW. I smelled a lot of Frazier Fir blends and I didn’t care for any of them but this one. Very true to fir and trees, this one doesn’t have any muddled base note.

Gardenia-Oh, the sweetness of freshly blooming Gardenias. One of the plants so irresistible to purchase, yet I seem to kill them every year. This Gardenia Fragrance is true to its name. A lovely, floral, clean aroma.

Neroli Citron– Elegant Neroli blended with a base of black tea, cedarwood and grass. This aroma is soft and citrusy, not heavy on the florals, and perfect for those citrus candles. Citrus EO’s don’t burn the way you want them to, so use this Neroli Citron to make your citrus base. Another 100% natural fragrance.

Oakmoss– If you’re looking for a fresh and clean scent, this is it. Ozone, green notes, a little floral and a lot of outdoors, this fragrance is simple in the notes but complex in the aroma.

Sandalwood and Sage-This is a lovely herbaceous aroma with sage, tonka bean and sandalwood as the primary notes. I love this one in a hand soap or shampoo bar. It is an aroma that lasts all day and will catch the nose of those around you.

Watermelon Lemonade– You’ll wish this was a flavor and not a fragrance! Bright lemons with sweet watermelon, this is THE summer scent. This in a candle or a natural sunscreen would be divine!

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