Tuesday Tidbits


All Things Good About Xmas– This scent was so hard to name, so I just named it everything good. Wonder. Amazement. Those little oranges with cloves stuck in them that everyone recognizes but no one really knows what they are called (Pomander, by the way). Wassail, that super apple cider/mulling spices/amazing punch that you get on cold nights in December. All that with some reindeer magic, snow, crackling fire and a Christmas tree, and that is what this fragrance is.

Baked Apple– Apple pie; homemade cinnamon apple sauce; apple brandy; candied apples; apple fritters; apple cider…did you just get hungry?? Welcome to one of my favorite holiday smells……BAKED APPLE!!! I love the smell of apples cooking on the stove, probably because my grandmother made the absolute best cinnamon sugar apple sauce (let’s get real, it was probably mostly sugar).

Birchwood and Cranberry– Birchwood and Cranberry is somewhat of a “holiday” fragrance, but only because it says cranberry in the name. This fragrance is lovely. Smooth, warm with a very slight hint of cranberry. You could call this one Falling Leaves, or Sunset in November, or Driftwood.

Bootleg Gin– Yes, I already sent out a newsletter on this one but it is just so good I didn’t want you to miss it!

Coco Cream– I wasn’t going to bring in another coconut fragrance because our coconut island is so great but I just can’t stop smelling this one. I don’t know if it is coconut, or marshmallow cream, or Oreo filling, or gelato on Miami Beach. Seriously, this fragrance is complex, rich, creamy, vanilla, sweet and when you smell it, you’ll swear you are actually eating frozen coconut delight.

Coffee Beans– Coffee. Period.

Divine– Divine fragrance is just that. The deep warmth of sultry skin that is touched with ripe fruit and musk. Love at first sniff. I can imagine a body lotion with this and both men and women would be drawn to it. Add in some of our Sparkling Raspberry to make it brighter, or blend with Fig to make it even more deep.

Frankincense and Myrrh– Frankincense and Myrrh is thought of as a “holiday” scent, but this blend is one of all-time favorites to wear all year round as a perfume. This Frankincense and Myrrh fragrance is your natural fragrance alternative to the essentials oils, as sometimes those can get quite spendy. I add a small amount of each of the frankincense essential oil and myrrh essential oil to this fragrance to enhance it just a little more.

Gingerbread– Gingerbread…that weirdly brown but scrumptiously yummy holiday bread. This gingerbread fragrance oil lends a crisp, bright ginger top note with a warm vanilla, nutmeg, sugar and cardamom base. I burned this in a candle in the office and the scent throw was divine!

Mahogany and Leather– I know I sent this one out, but did you order it? Cause it is bomb.

Mindful– Our Mindful fragrance is a respite from the rush of the world. A step into a lush garden, rich in fruit, with frankincense, myrrh and patchouli smoldering in the background. I love the way this scent grounds my thoughts, and balances the cleanses the air. I can only imagine how magnificent the bathroom would smell if this were in a shower steamer or bath bomb. This is year-round way to introduce frankincense and myrrh into your daily process.

Pumpkin Latte– This pumpkin latte is a true coffee product, so there is a definite smell of coffee, with a high note of pumpkin and then a warm base of cream. This would make a magnificent candle, bath bomb, shower fizz (I love those), hand cream and more.

Pumpkin Spice– Our pumpkin spice fragrance falls in line with our clean scents that are ideal for your soap, candle, tarts/melts, and body care products. This is a nice, rich, pumpkiny base with a hint of cinnamon, clove and ginger spice. You can customize this scent by adding in some of our roasted coffee essential oil to make a pumpkin latte fragrance, or increase the spice by adding in cinnamon essential oilclove essential oil and ginger essential oils. If you want a “white pumpkin” scent, blend together our warm vanilla sugar fragrance with the pumpkin spice. This is like a whipped cream pumpkin blend! Speaking of..that would make an excellent whipped foaming bath butter!

Salted Caramel– My best friend is a caramel lover, but she will turn her nose up at a salted caramel. Says, why ruin it?!?! She is totally wrong, but that’s ok. She does, however, love this scent. Sweet, salty and little burnt sugar. Sooo yummy. This one could almost be a creamer for your coffee, but don’t do that! I can image this blended into a exfoliating lotion bar using coffee grounds, or a salt and oil foot scrub! Definitely an amazing candle.

Sandalwood Vanilla– I have finally found a Sandalwood fragrance that smells authentic! If you’ve been looking for a sandalwood that won’t break the bank, this is it. Woodsy, slightly sweet, earthy and lovely. The warm vanilla adds a little warm base, just to sweeten it slightly. You could almost call this sandalwood and rosewood blend- so luxurious. I can imagine this as a lovely hair oil, leaving your hair smelling so good people turn their heads at the grocery store when you walk by!

Sugared Spruce– Sugared Spruce, sounds almost good enough to eat, right? Like a Christmas tree cookie with candied sugar on top and pine needles inside…well, maybe not the pine needles. Maybe rosemary sprigs. Or powdered sugar and candied oranges on a rich butter cake.

Wild Rose– A rose is a rose is rose, you say? I already have a rose fragrance? Yep…but this one was toooooo lovely to pass by. If you live locally and you’ve been to our shop, you’ve undoubtedly met Sage, my Shepsky mix dog. She loves loves loves to be outside, so we take walks every day. Whenever we pass a yard with delicate little miniature roses, I always stop to smell them. Have you noticed that those roses you buy in the store no longer smell like roses? Maybe me missing that smell is what spurred me on to bring in yet another rose fragrance, but this one is a winner. Our traditional rose fragrance is like Red Roses, Wild Rose is like you just stuck your nose in the petals and too a big wiff! Sweet, little fruity, very woodsy. All around a beautiful fragrance, and not the old lady rose!

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