Tuesday Tidbits


Magnesium Saves the Day If you looking to create a potent bath soak look no further than our magnesium flakes. These are made of dry magnesium chloride, which makes your bath soaks/salts much more absorbable and effective than plain Epsom salts. These magnesium flakes have approximately 15g of absorbable magnesium per cup. Magnesium bath flakes differ from Epsom salts/magnesium sulfate, in the quality and absorption rate of the magnesium. Epsom salts make a great carrier and base for bath salts, soaks, scrubs, bath fizzies and more, but magnesium flakes are the true product to use if you really want to have an effective level of magnesium in your soaks. Our magnesium bath flakes will boost the effectiveness of your magnesium treatments. Directions for use: dissolve 1-3 cups or more of your bath soak blend or pure magnesium flakes in a warm, not hot, bath. Hot water causes the skin to sweat which expels toxins and prevents the body from absorbing as much magnesium as possible, so warm water is best. Magnesium is a critical mineral for our bodies and almost all of us are deficient. Increased magnesium levels are said to help with: Bone density Muscle strains/aches Improved athletic performance Improved cardiovascular health PMS/Menstrual difficulties Sleep disorders ADHD Headaches Diabetes Eczema Psoriasis The regular use of magnesium-based bath salts can help increase the body’s’ magnesium levels. Our skin is our biggest organ and incorporating regular baths with magnesium bath soaks is the ideal way to absorb magnesium without having the digestive or oral absorption issues. When using magnesium flakes it is suggested to not have a super hot bath. You don’t want to be sweating, as that is your body’s way of expelling. You want the water just warm enough to open the pores and allow the skin to absorb, but not to sweat or you won’t suck up the magnesium.

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