Tuesday Tidbits


We are frustrated with shipping costs, too!
I want to start by thanking you all for supporting us as your West Coast candle supply company. We are listening and are doing out best to offer options for you.

We have contracted to have a constant supply of 464444 and 494 so there should not be any issues with having inventory in stock! We have also contracted our prices out through July so there shouldn’t be any price changes.

We have brought in 45-pound boxes of the Golden Wax 444 and Golden Wax 464 so that you don’t have to pay that $24 UPS handling fee!! UPS and FedEx implemented that last year for anything that weighs over 50 pounds. If you are ordering the Golden Wax products and are having them shipped to you, please make sure to select the 45-pound size so you save all that $$$

We love watching you grow and are so thankful for all the feedback and suggestions you have sent in. Keep them coming!

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