Tuesday Tidbits

Cosmetic Grind Pumice

Looking for a great all-natural exfoliant?

We are working on expanding our product line and pumice is the next one to showcase! 

Cosmetic grind pumice is an excellent addition to any face, body or foot scrub or scrubbing soap bar. Pumice is a 100% natural source of lava rock that has been finely ground so that it will gently exfoliate the skin without scratching it. Try adding pumice to your soap bars or body scrub or blend it in our Shea Butter Cream to make an exfoliating foot scrub.
When using pumice in your products always be sure to make a test batch first to determine the exact quantity to add.
For use in cold process soaps you will need to start at 1 teaspoon of pumice per pound of soap base and add it in during trace. You need to ensure the soap is thick enough to suspend the pumice. Once you add, whisk or stir quickly to incorporate. This is to have the pumice suspended throughout the bar. You can add the pumice into the molds first, then pour your soap bar in and have an exfoliating side and a smooth side.
Pumice can be added to any lotion, cream, lotion bar, soap bar, or face scrub. Try it out today and tag us in your pictures!

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