Tuesday Tidbits

Coco Cream back in stock and new pricing on GoldenWax Products!

If you haven’t tried our Coco Cream Fragrance, you should. This is like thick, luscious, sweet coconut cream. Like the best daquiri or the best coconut creme brulee, Coco Cream is the coconut base you’ve always wanted. This fragrance performs beautifully in soaps, candles, skincare and haircare. That classic Coconut base for shampoo? Yep, Coco Cream.

You can blend Coco Cream with just about anything, using it as a deep base then adding higher notes. Think Baked Apple for Apple Cream, or Pink Grapefruit Champagne for Coco-Tini, or Apricot Honey All Natural for Coconut Macaroon, or Cardamom Fragrance and Nutmeg Essential Oil for a little spice, or Barrell Aged Whiskey for Ron con Coco. There are so many possibilities I cannot possibly list them all.

New pricing on Golden Wax products, just in time for Summer candles! Let’s get lit!!

Golden Wax 464

Golden Wax 454

Golden Wax 444

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