Tuesday Tidbits


We listened!

Shay and Company is constantly updating our product line based upon your requests. Candle wicks have been in high demand so we have brought in two of the most common sizes for you!
HTP Wicks are 100% natural fibers, lead-free, and veggie coated to help the rigidity when using in candles. These wicks are ideal for all soy and coconut based candle waxes. You will need wick holders, still, as they will soften when the wax is poured in. You will also need to cut each based upon the height of your candle container. Both styles are pre-cut to 6” long and are pre-tabbed.
HTP 105- 6” pre-cut wick. This wick is ideal for a 2-3” diameter container
HTP 126-6” pre-cut wick. This wick is ideal for a 3-4” diameter container

If you have larger containers, you will need to use more than one wick per container to sufficiently melt your wax.
As always, it is best to test your wicks in your specific candles to ensure the final product meets your expectations.
Wicks are sold in packs of 25, 100, 500 and 1000. For sizes large than 1000 please email us at orders@shayandcompany.com

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