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We found a jasmine you can afford and love!
Ingredients/Tech Specs:CTFA Name: Jasmine Grandiflorum
INCI Name: Jasmine Grandiflorum
COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: IndiaExtraction Method: Solvent Extracted
Plant Part: Flower
Country of Origin: India
INCI Name: Jasmine GrandiflorumWelcome to a jasmine you can use and afford in your candles, soaps and skincare! Jasmine wax is an excellent alternative to jasmine essential oil as it smells the same and is made from the extraction of jasmine essential oil, but it doesn’t come with the jasmine essential oil price tag!Jasmine wax is a solid version of jasmine essential oil. Jasmine wax is extracted during the process of making jasmine essential oil, so the wax has the same beautiful smell of jasmine in your finished product. Jasmine wax can be melted (slightly heat so you don’t burn off the smell) and added to candles, soaps, body care products, lip balms, scrubs and more! You can use up to 2% in skincare products; 6% in soap bars; up to 10% in candles. We also have a beautiful natural jasmine fragrance oil that you can use in combination with the jasmine wax for a stronger smell in any of your products.Jasmine wax is a solid at room temperature and it is brown in color. You will warm this slightly in a double boiler, then add to your products in the same process you would add any other essential oil. If you need this to stay a liquid while adding, you can always add it to your oil products, then add to your finished products. For example, if you are making soaps, you can add this to your pomace olive oil or any liquid oil that you are using, then add into your formula. The additional oil will just keep it a liquid while it is cooling.Jasmine Wax is sold in 1/2-pound, ,1-pound, 5-pound and 10-pound sizes. For orders over 5-pounds please email us directly.Storage: Store in tightly sealed containers.Best Used By: Four years from date of purchase.Shelf Life Once Used in Manufacturing: Two years from manufacturing date.

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