We here at Shay and Company have diligently worked to source the most pure, highest quality salts and soaks ingredients. These can be used to make body scrubs, face scrubs, bath bombs, bath fizzies, shower steamers, foot soaks and so much more.

We carry a variety of salts (Epsom, pink Himalayan salts, and Dead Sea Salts). We have pure magnesium flakes to increase the absorbable percentage of magnesium in your bath products. We also have several other exfoliants to add in for more scrubbing action.

We carry a variety of foaming agents, both powder, needles, noodles and foaming bath whip, along with liquid Cocamidopropyl Betaine to boost your bubbles!

We have bonding ingredients such as cream of tartar and non-GMO corn starch; active ingredients such as sodium bicarbonate; and a fine grade citric acid.

You can feel confident in the quality of ingredients for your products.

Dry products are sold in 1-pound, 5-pound and 50+ pound sizes. Liquid products are sold in 4oz up to 55 gallons. Please email for orders of 500 pounds or more.

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