Thank you for choosing Shay and Company as your wholesale supplier. We offer a very small selection of packaging options, and we are continually re-evaluating our selection. If you have something you are specifically looking for and you purchase it in large enough quantities, please email us with the details and we will see if it is something we can bring in for you.

Our packaging options range from 4oz metal tins to glass candle jars; we have a variety of amber glass bottles with solid phenolic caps, black fine mist sprayers, and pumps; we have 1 gallon and ½ gallon jugs; we have 1 gallon and 5 gallon buckets; we have numerous candle wicks, wick stickers and tart wax clamshells.

As a note, our packaging that we use for our products are made of compostable and/or recyclable materials. The brown bags are 100% compostable materials, and the small zip-lock bags are bio-plastic and will biodegrade.

Our ½ gallon, 1 gallon and 5 gallon sizes are all made of 100% recyclable plastic- no metal so you can throw the entire container into your local recycle bin.

All our shipping boxes are made of at least 55% recycled material and our packing peanuts are biodegradable. If you ever see any plastic in the boxes from us, that is up-cycled packing material that we received in and are re-using so it doesn’t just go into the landfill.

We are on a continual quest to improve our packaging and to improve our impact on the Earth. I have been in contact with packaging manufactures to constantly be on the lookout for better, cleaner, lighter containers. We will continue to strive to decrease the impact of Shay and Company products on our landfills.

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