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Soap Making Training

Introduction to Soap Making:
Dive into the fundamentals of soap making, unraveling the mysteries of ingredients and exploring the diverse range of soap bases available.

Essential Oils and Fragrances:
Embark on a sensory journey as you learn about the myriad of essential oils and fragrances that can elevate your soap creations. Susan will share her expertise in selecting the perfect scents to complement your vision.

Colorants and Additives:
Unlock the secrets of colorants and additives, discovering how they can transform your soap into a work of art. From natural hues to innovative textures, you'll learn how to customize your soap with flair.

Hands-On Soap Making:
Put your newfound knowledge into practice with hands-on guidance from Susan. Follow along step-by-step as you create your own batch of soap, with Susan on hand to offer personalized support and advice.

Design and Presentation:
Unleash your creativity as you explore techniques for designing and presenting your soap. From intricate designs to elegant packaging, Susan will share tips to ensure your soap stands out.

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Whether you join her in-person or online candle-making class, you’ll gain a wealth of knowledge and master the art of crafting healthy, aromatic candles.

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